Study on Extreme Aerosol Events of desert and volcanic origin in the tropical & subtropical North Atlantic

ACRONYM: AeroExtreme




Study aerosol extreme events:

1. The events of extremely high aerosol concentrations linked to Saharan dusty air, i.e. the Desert Dust Super Events,

2. The volcanic aerosols emitted and formed due to the eruption of Cumbre Vieja volcano and transported across the free troposphere.


1. Identifying the links between regional meteorology, large-scale processes and global teleconnections linked to Saharan Desert Dust Super Events.

2.Studying the composition and physical properties of desert dust relevant for climate and ecosystems during Desert Dust Super Events, assessing if are there changes with respect to regular dust events and the dust content in organic matter linked to soil.

3. Study the evolution of the population and composition of the volcanic atmospheric-aerosols during its aging in the atmosphere, since the fresh emission near Cumbre Vieja volcanic area to the remote background in the free troposphere, paying special attention to the chemical components of aerosols, nutrients and trace metals that relevant for climate and ecosystems.

4. Study the physical properties relevant for climate of the resulting aged volcanic aerosols transported across the free troposphere.

PERIOD: 2023-2025