Enhanced characterization of regional transported aerosols using a CIMEL CE376 elastic micro-LiDAR that provides depolarization at 532 and 808 nm

The CE376 GPN micro-Lidar installed at Izaña station is one of the first CE376 designs. Since then, several upgrades have been made to the model. In the frame of TestBed several missions have been programmed to improve the direct and polarized signals of this instrument. This access includes the re-alignment of the optical paths for emission as well as reception of the two channels of this lidar system, at 532nm and 808 nm, some checks of the after-pulse and polarization calibration as well as several Quality Control processes following ACTRIS recommendations. This can be done using all the ancillary aerosol information provided by the site….

Figure 1.- CE376 elastic micro-LiDAR operating in the Izaña platform during a nocturnal calibration.