AOD from PANDORA photometer

The first PANDORA photometer was designed to monitor the atmospheric column of trace gases. However, a new Pandora dual spectrometer system (Pandora-2S) is being developed by Luftblick company (Austria), as an evolution of the existing Pandora. Pandora-2S will contain two spectrometers, capable of covering the full wavelength range up to 900 nm, and will be able to obtain spectral AOD over the entire range 300-900nm (SpecAOD) within ±0.05. This will extend its capability as a ground based instrument for satellite observations evaluation.

Development and evaluation of new algorithms for aerosol retrieval with the new PANDORA-2S spectrometer, in collaboration with Luftblick company (Austria) and PMOD-WRC, will be a future activity of the Izaña Testbed. This instrument will form the new PANDONIA global network and the Reference Triad will be maintained at Izaña.

Figure 1.-  The original Pandora (in the foreground), the new Pandora-2S and several Cimel photometers (background).