Measuring column spectral aerosol single scattering albedo at multiple wavelengths in the UV, visible, and near IR using multi-filter rotating shadow band radiometers (MFRSR’s)

Principal Investigator: Omar Torres

Institution name: NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Scientific objectives : This project to measure total and diffuse solar spectral irradiance at the surface making use of a set of modified UV and VIS multi-filter rotating shadow band radiometers (MFRSR’s). The spectral fluxes, aerosol optical depth and particle size distribution measured by these instruments in combination to real refractive index derived from AERONET collocated observations at Izaña give the information required as input to inversion algorithms that retrieves spectral aerosol single scattering albedo.

Figure 1.-  UV and VIS Multi-filter rotating shadow band radiometers (MFRSR’s) installed at Izaña Observatory.