Research on water vapor isotopologues with Fourier Transform Infrared Technique


Development  of  methodologies  envisaged  to  obtain  vertical  profiling  of  HDO/H216O,  and  corresponding validation  and comparison with in-situ airborne and ground-based observations  during the MUSICA remote sensing  validation  campaign  were  performed  during  2014  and  2105.  The  project  MUSICA  (MUlti-platform remote  Sensing  of  Isotopologues  for  investigating  the  Cycle  of  Atmospheric  water,  supported  by  the  European  Research  Council  within  the  Seventh  Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013/ERC Grant Agreement, nº 256961), has as main goal the generation of a highquality  database  in  a  global  scale  of  tropospheric  water  vapour  isotopologues  (H216O  y  HD16O)  from ground-based  remote  measurements  (Fourier  Transform  InfraRed  spectrometers,  FTIR) and  space -based platforms (Infrared Atmospheric Sounding Interferometer, IASI, on board the satellites EUMETSAT/MetOp -A and MetOp-B).

The Izaña Tesbed has played a very active role in MUSICA being the main station supporting different  experiments.  The  results  of  this  project  will  contribute  to  a  better  understanding  of  the  different processes affecting the cycle of atmospheric water and its link to the energy balance at a global scale.


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