Design, development and testing of a new low-cost and robust zenith-looking multi narrow-band radiometer for AOD retrieval.

A look-up table methodology for  aerosol optical depth  (AOD)  retrieval from zenithal sky radiance  has been developed  and  applied  to  AERONET  Cimel  sunphotometers  from  Santa  Cruz  de  Tenerife,  Izaña  and Tamanrasset (Algeria) validating the results against AERONET AOD.  The methodology has been applied to a  new  low-cost  and  robust  zenith-looking  multi  narrow-band  radiometer  developed  in  collaboration  with SIELTEC S.L. company. Estimated AOD with the new prototypes provide good results  when  validated  against  reference  AOD  from  AERONET.  At  the  moment  we  are  working  on  the revision  of  a  paper  where  the  new  instrument  and  the  methodology  are  described  in  detail,  and  where evaluation  results  are assessed and  discussed.


                                             Figure.- Three  SIELTEC-DSCR  prototypes  during calibration at IZO.