The Izaña Tesbed site supporting different field campaigns of radiation/aerosols prototypes

The Izaña Tesbed  site has been used for different field campaigns  of radiation/aerosols prototypes, such as the  new  Precision  Solar  Spectroradiometer  (PSR),  developed  at  PMOD/World  Radiation  Centre  (WRC, Davos  Switzerland),  which  will  replace  current  filter  sunphotometers  for  long  AOD  and  absolute  solar irradiance measurements. This instrument  has been absolutely calibrated at Izaña and compared with other reference photometers. Preliminary stellar measurements have also been performed.
The Izaña  tesbed has  been the facility of an intensive 2-month campaign  for  the  determination of  the  NIR irradiance  spectra  will  be  used  to  retrieve  the  top-of-atmosphere  (TOA)  solar  spectral  irradiance  through wavelength ranges free of O2, O3, CO2 and H2O absorption the Bouguer-Langley technique.  The results obtained within this campaign are expected to solve some discrepancies observed in published TOA solar spectra in the infrared range. An accurate knowledge of the NIR TOA solar irradiance is important due to its role in Earth radiative budget, namely atmospheric and  upper layer of the ocean absorption processes. NIR TOA is also needed to validate semi empiric models of  solar atmosphere.  Results have been reported  by Bolsée et al. (2014).
Two campaigns of TENUM Calitoo hand-held photometers  in 2014 and 2015.


Figure.- Calitoo sun photometer.